Frequently Asked Questions

Professional LCD Technology

What is a nit?
A nit is a measurement of luminance, and is equivalent to one candela per square meter (cd/m²). The unit is based on the candela, the SI unit of luminous intensity, and the square meter, the SI unit of area. As a measure of light emitted per unit area, this unit is frequently used to specify the brightness of a display device. Most consumer desktop LCDs have luminance ratings ranging from 200 to 350 nits.

In general, 1,500 nits provides readable text in outdoor daylight, while grayscale and outdoor video require up to 5,000 nits for acceptable color depth. With maximum brightness ratings up to 7,000 nits, DynaScan high brightness LCDs produce a sunlight readable image which may easily be seen in storefront windows and other brightly lit environments.

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What is sunlight readable, daylight viewable?

A sunlight readable or daylight viewable monitor is also known as a high brightness monitor. It is designed to operate in very bright environments, for example in broad daylight. High brightness monitors are typically used commercially in kiosks and out-of-home advertising.

DynaScan recommends screens with a brightness rating of at least 2,500 for applications in high ambient light locations and 5,000 nits for applications in direct sunlight.

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What is D65?

D65, also known as CIE Standard Illuminant D65, is a commonly-used standard illuminant defined by the International Commission on Illumination (CIE). It is part of the D series of illuminants that try to portray standard illumination conditions at open-air in different parts of the world. D65 corresponds roughly to a midday sun in Western Europe / Northern Europe, hence it is also called a daylight illuminant.

Many displays have a tendency to be rather cool or “bluish”. DynaScan High Bright LCDs come equipped to display the D65 (6500 K) CIE color standard right out of the box. This setting produces a very natural looking image which has a correlated color temperature to that of natural daylight.

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Can DynaScan high brightness LCDs be used outdoors?

With daylight viewable capabilities, DynaScan high brightness screens are great for outdoor applications such as kiosks and building facades. For outdoor installations a weatherproof enclosure is required. In many instances, this may include the use of an air conditioning system.

What is blackening defect?

High temperatures can cause LCDs to blacken when the liquid crystal panel becomes too hot. This is often referred to as isotropic failure or blackening defect. DynaScan offers LCD screens that utilize panels which are capable of reaching temperatures as high as 110° C (230° F) before blackening occurs.

What is the difference between a professional and commercial display?

Unlike consumer television sets, professional displays are designed to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with advanced heat management systems. Built with security in mind, they offer rugged metal construction and the ability to lockout remote control functions. While televisions are limited to being mounted in a landscape orientation, professional displays may also be mounted in a vertical, portrait orientation. Perhaps most importantly, consumer televisions are not covered by warranty when used in a commercial environment.

What are the benefits of local dimming?

Since a direct LED backlight is made up of many individual LEDs, it can achieve what is known as localized dimming. Localized dimming is the reduction in backlight output in coordination with the video signal. Areas of the image that are darker will have the backlight dimmed to increase the level of black in the picture. Direct lit LED backlights have an advantage here, because there are more discrete LEDs in the array behind the LCD panel.

DynaScan premium public displays feature a local dimming LED back light technique for a remarkably high contrast picture as high as 1,000,000:1 (dynamic). With direct local dimming, darker areas of an image receive less backlighting than lighter areas, as opposed to CCFL and edge-lit LED backlights which illuminate an entire screen at all times causing blacks and dark areas to appear washed out.

360 Degree LED Technology

Which display is right for my application?
 It is important to select a screen that will not only be visible and attract attention, but also fit the size constraints of the desired location. You can find our screen selection guide here.
How are DynaScan 360 degree displays able to produce a 2mm pixel pitch?
 DynaScan 360° displays consist of a drum incorporating several red, green, and blue LED modules. As the drum spins, the system controls the lighting of each pixel at a precise location, using a principle called “persistence of vision”. The result is a perfect image with high brightness and a pixel pitch as low as 2mm.
Do I need to use special video content?

No. DynaScan 360 degree LED video displays utilize standard video content and “wrap” the image around the column. For content considerations and specifications, refer to the content creation guides found under the “downloads” section on the product information page for each model.


I am an end user - Where can I purchase a product?

As the manufacturer, DynaScan offers a variety of sales channels – from nationwide distributors, to local dealers, to direct sales, depending on your location. Please submit our online sales inquiry form and we will connect you with a sales representative for your area.

How can I become an authorized DynaScan dealer?

DynaScan is looking for local dealers around the world with both sales and service capabilities. To learn more about becoming a dealer, please fill out our online inquiry form. An account executive will contact you shortly to discuss dealership opportunities in your area.

Am I able to rent a display?

DynaScan offers various rental options of 360 degree LED video displays for your special event, including trade shows and exhibitions, seminars, corporate events and parties, outdoor events, and marketing campaigns. We offer weekly rentals in a wide variety of sizes for both indoor and outdoor applications. To learn more, or to reserve a display, visit our rental service page.