Video Wall LCDs

Premium Video Wall Products

Featuring exceptional color quality, durable construction and a high brightness, high contrast image, DynaScan ultra narrow bezel LCDs are a premium display solution for video wall applications. With a remarkably slim 3.5 mm bezel-to-bezel dimension, multiple screens can be tiled together for a near seamless image. A high brightness LED backlight makes DynaScan video wall LCDs a perfect solution for indoor environments with a high amount of ambient light.

Sunlight Viewable

With maximum brightness ratings up to 3,000 nits, DynaScan video wall LCDs produce a daylight viewable image which may easily be seen in storefront windows and other brightly lit indoor environments.

Color Calibrated

Each screen is individually color calibrated to a D65 (6500 K) color temperature for a very natural looking image which has a correlated color temperature to that of daylight.

Blackening Defect Free

DynaScan high brightness LCDs are equipped with high temperature panels capable of withstanding temperatures up to 110˚C (230°F) without blackening - crucial for direct sunlight applications.