DS Series | Semi-Outdoor High Brightness LCDs

DynaScan Technology is the number one manufacturer of high brightness displays. Founded in 1998, DynaScan is an award-winning industry leader in creating cutting-edge display solutions. With thousands of installations around the world, DynaScan displays are the proven solution for high ambient light applications. With brightness ratings as high as 7,000 nits, DynaScan high brightness LCDs shine bright in direct sunlight—making them the ideal solution for outdoor enclosures, semi-outdoor and in-window applications.

DynaScan offers the widest variety of sizes—15 models ranging from 32”-84”, in brightness levels from 2,500-7,000 nits, and are available in stand-alone and video wall configurations.

Series Highlights

  • World’s brightest LCD screens

  • Calibrated for superior color quality

  • Intelligent heat dissipation

  • Blackening defect-free LCD panel up to 110°C

  • Full HD & 4K resolutions

  • Automatic brightness control

  • Available narrow bezel for video wall applications

  • Sizes available ranging from 32”-84”

Storefront Window Applications

Every day your target market is walking past your window. So how do you bring them off the sidewalk and into your place of business? The leading method being used today is printed posters. Posters are static and not particularly noticeable. Unlike posters, LCDs can provide dynamic, eye-catching content which can be updated regularly, but one limiting factor with this technology has always been brightness. Most of the displays we view in public spaces are simply not bright enough for the application. Never before has there been such a solution.

The World’s Brightest LCDs

DynaScan manufactures the world’s brightest LCD displays. With brightness ratings as high as 7,000 nits, DynaScan high brightness LCDs shine bright in direct sunlight—making them the ideal solution for outdoor enclosures, semi-outdoor and in-window applications.

Transportation Applications

DynaScan semi-outdoor LCDs are the ideal solution for transportation information systems. With sunny weather around 40% of the year, Częstochowa Stradom required screens which were not only bright enough to be seen in broad daylight but also able to resist the weather and operate in a wide temperature range.

Superior Color Quality

Every display is factory calibrated to the D65 (6500 K) CIE color standard. This color setting produces a natural looking image which has a correlated color temperature to that of daylight.

Video Wall Ready

Featuring exceptional color quality, durable construction and a high brightness, high contrast image, DynaScan ultra narrow bezel LCDs are a premium display solution for video wall applications. With a remarkably slim 3.5 mm bezel-to-bezel dimension, multiple screens can be tiled together for a near seamless image. A high brightness LED backlight makes DynaScan video wall LCDs a perfect solution for indoor environments with a high amount of ambient light.

Intelligent Heat Management

Heat generated by the display is radiated away from high temperature areas while a sensor continuously monitors the internal temperature to protect the system from overheating. This is accomplished with ultra-quiet fans, or some models utilize a fanless thermal management system.

Appetizing Presentations

An increasing number of QSRs are turning to digital displays because they offer a vibrant, engaging experience. Even though drive-thrus account for as high as 70% of QSR sales, they have long been neglected because brightness has always been a limiting factor. Traditional displays simply are not bright enough for outdoor environments. With a maximum brightness rating as high as 7,000 nits, DynaScan high brightness displays produce a daylight viewable image for outdoor drive-through menu and preview boards - even in direct sunlight.

Blackening Defect Free

DynaScan offers most high brightness screens with high temperaturea LCD panels which can withstand temperatures up to 110˚C (230°F) without blackening. This is especially crucial for direct sunlight applications.

A Smarter City

When integrated with interactive elements such as touch overlays and players, DynaScan high brightness LCDs are the solution for smart city digital displays. Users can discover city shops, restaurants, hotels, bars, public services, attractions, transportation and can receive directions with an interactive maps, addresses, a description with photo, business hours, phone numbers and a list of services.

Automatic Brightness Control

Different external lighting conditions require different brightness levels. An onboard light sensor measures the ambient light in the area and automatically adjusts the image accordingly.

Brightness You Can Bank On

From banking institutions, to retail windows, to real estate offices, DynaScan high brightness LCDs offer a visible solution for high ambient light environments.

24/7 Operation

All DynaScan professional LCDs are designed for worry-free round-the-clock operation.