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360° Video Display Features

low power


Using patented spinning LED technology, DynaScan 360° video displays produce bright, crisp, high contrast video in a completely unique, elegant, eye-catching form. 

360 degree visibility


The unique cylindrical design of a DynaScan 360° display produces no visual blind spots.  This allows viewers all around the display to have an equal opportunity to see it, no matter where they stand.

High brightness


With brightness ratings as high as 5,000 cd/m², DynaScan 360° video displays produce a sunlight readable image which can easily be seen in direct sunlight outdoor environments.

low power

Pixel Pitch

As the drum spins, the display’s red, green and blue pixels are turned on in rapid succession at the exact same spot to produce a picture perfect image with a pixel-pitch of merely 2mm

Spinning technology

A Revolutionary Display

DynaScan 360° LED video displays are cylindrical, allowing viewing from all angles, helping to ensure your message is clearly seen by your target audience. DynaScan displays offer an attractive, ultra bright, high contrast, high resolution alternative to conventional two dimensional displays. With a pixel pitch of merely 2mm, DynaScan displays provide an image far clearer than any other LED video display on the market today.

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Product Lineup

DynaScan offers both indoor and outdoor LED displays in a variety of different sizes and shapes.
Female model
indoor series
Outdoor series

Models show with additional options and accessories.