Quick Service Restaurants


Daylight Viewable Displays For Drive-Throughs

An increasing number of QSRs are turning to digital displays because they offer a vibrant, engaging experience. Even though drive-throughs account for as high as 70% of QSR sales, they have long been neglected because brightness has always been a limiting factor. Traditional displays simply are not bright enough for outdoor environments. Finally there is a solution. DynaScan, a leader in high brightness display technology, brings together the daylight viewable brightness of an LED sign with the high resolution of a high definition LCD. With a maximum brightness rating as high as 7,000 nits, DynaScan high brightness displays produce a daylight viewable image for outdoor drive-through menu and preview boards - even in direct sunlight.


Durable, Heat Resistant Design

Designed for 24/7 operation, DynaScan premium public displays feature all metal construction. Many displays include a fanless thermal management system which not only provides silent operation, but also protects the screen from dust and contaminants. Most models are equipped with high temperature IPS panels which are capable of withstanding temperatures up to 110˚C (230°F) without blackening - crucial for direct sunlight applications.


Easy Integration

With a variety of sizes available in open frame and narrow bezel form factors, DynaScan LCDs can seamlessly be integrated into outdoor kiosks and enclosures.

Appetizing Presentations

Each DynaScan screen is individually calibrated for exceptional color quality. From a mouthwatering burger to a thirst-quenching soft drink, items on the menu appear as delicious as they were originally intended. For locations utilizing multiple displays, this also ensures the color settings of each screen will be uniform.



Indoor Menu Boards & In Window Signage

When compared to traditional static menu boards and signage, digital displays offer greater flexibility and ease. DynaScan DS² Premium Public Displays offer a high quality, highly visible solution for QSR locations looking to gain the maximum benefit of digital signage. DynaScan Premium Public Displays allow to you to update your storefront window signage’s video content regularly without the additional costs associated with printing and shipping new posters and menu offerings can automatically change based on the time of day.

Network Control

DynaScan displays are compatible with virtually any content delivery system on the market, allowing you to update your content instantly from anywhere you have a network connection. Restaurants with multiple locations can update menu, pricing & promotions instantly.