High Brightness LCDs

As a leader in LED displays solutions, DynaScan has applied its expertise to creating a line of high brightness LCD displays. With maximum brightness ratings up to 7,000 cd/m², DynaScan High Brightness LCDs produce a sunlight viewable image which may easily be seen in storefront windows and other brightly lit indoor environments.

Video Wall LCDs

DynaScan offers a variety of narrow bezel and ultra narrow bezel displays for tiled video wall applications. With bezel-to-bezel widths as narrow as 3.5 mm, multiple displays may be arranged for a near seamless image. DynaScan video wall LCDs are individually calibrated for amazing color quality and consistency.

360 Degree LED Displays

DynaScan 360° LED video displays are cylindrical, allowing viewing from all angles. With a pixel pitch of merely 2mm, DS 360 displays are far clearer than other LED display on the market and offer an attractive, ultra bright, high contrast alternative to conventional two dimensional displays.

Manufacturing Premium Public Displays Since 1998

For over 15 years DynaScan Technology has been manufacturing professional display solutions for customers around the world. With strong engineering background and extensive experience in the audio / video industry, we have been helping our clients worldwide in retail, transportation, gaming, entertainment, rental, staging, and public venues to enhance advertising, branding, entertainment, and communication. DynaScan manufactures a full range of high brightness, narrow bezel professional LCDs and the award winning line of cylindrical 360° LED video displays.