Premium Indoor LCDs

The DI Series are premium professional LCDs for indoor applications. The DI Series is IP5X rated for protection from dust and debris and features a fanless thermal management system for virtually silent operation. With the industry’s thinnest form factors—as thin as 29 mm—the displays are ideal for premium high-end applications such as retail and banking environments.

Semi-Outdoor High Brightness LCDs

With maximum brightness ratings up to 7,000 nits (cd/m²), DynaScan High Brightness LCDs produce a sunlight viewable image which may easily be seen in storefront windows and other brightly lit indoor environments.

360 Degree LED Displays

DynaScan 360° LED video displays are cylindrical, allowing viewing from all angles. With a pixel pitch of merely 2mm, DS 360 displays are far clearer than other LED display on the market and offer an attractive, ultra bright, high contrast alternative to conventional two dimensional displays.

Shines Bright in Daylight

The average LCD is not capable of producing a visible image in broad daylight.

DynaScan manufactures the world's brightest LCDs which are designed for applications in direct sunlight--such as storefront windows and outdoor kiosks.

With thousands of installations around the world, DynaScan displays are the proven solution for high ambient light applications. With brightness ratings as high as 7,000 nits, DynaScan high brightness LCDs shine bright in direct sunlight—making them the ideal solution for outdoor enclosures, semi-outdoor and in-window applications.

Storefront Windows

Every day your target market is walking past your window. So how do you bring them off the sidewalk and into your place of business? Unlike posters, LCDs can provide dynamic, eye-catching content which can be updated regularly, but one limiting factor with this technology has always been brightness.

Video Wall Applications

Featuring exceptional color quality, durable construction and a high brightness, high contrast image, DynaScan ultra narrow bezel LCDs are a premium display solution for video wall applications.

Quick Service Restaurants

An increasing number of QSRs are turning to digital displays because they offer a vibrant, engaging experience. Even though drive-throughs account for as high as 70% of QSR sales, they have long been neglected because brightness has always been a limiting factor.

24/7 Operation

DynaScan premium public displays are engineered for worry-free round-the-clock operation. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Don't need full brightness all the time? DynaScan high brightness LCDs feature an ambient light sensor that can automatically reduce screen brightness when the sun goes down.

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Manufacturing Premium Public Displays Since 1998

For over 18 years DynaScan Technology has been manufacturing professional display solutions for customers around the world. With strong engineering background and extensive experience in the audio / video industry, we have been helping our clients worldwide in retail, transportation, gaming, entertainment, rental, staging, and public venues to enhance advertising, branding, entertainment, and communication. DynaScan manufactures a full range of high brightness, narrow bezel professional LCDs and the award winning line of cylindrical 360° LED video displays.